ProYOGA Corporate Wellness offers healthy options where people spend the majority of their time: work.

ProYOGA, founded in Washington DC, works with your company to implement a robust corporate wellness program which includes yoga, meditation, massage, and more. We evaluate and transform existing space into a studio for yoga, as well as arm your employees with the tools to combat stress work-related stress, even at their desk. We will work with your team to find the right fit of services for your employees. We also offer our programs at conferences and special events. ProYOGA provides in person instruction and we will not gather personal data about your employees.

ProYOGA Services

Finding Balance

Research has shown that corporate wellness programs reduce stress in the workplace and decrease healthcare costs. Combine that with a regular yoga practice which increases productivity, energy, and concentration and you have happier and healthier employees.

1 Million

workers miss work EVERY day due to stress.


American businesses spend $300 billion a year on stress-related illnesses.


of employees are less productive at work because of stress.


of employers see an increase in productivity from employees when they get yoga or meditation...


Companies who employ corporate wellness programs see a 32% decrease in sick days.


Corporate wellness programs reduce medical expenses up to 25%.

ProYOGA Corporate Wellness Services

ProYOGA is more than yoga. We offer holistic corporate wellness packages to help your employees achieve work life balance. ProYOGA Corporate Wellness also seamlessly complements existing programs. For our pricing schedule, please email us at [email protected].

More Information

At ProYOGA, we believe the benefits of yoga should be available to anyone willing to try, regardless of level. Therefore, each ProYOGA class has been designed to allow participation by all willing employees — no prior experience with yoga is necessary.

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Meditation on Demand

Office Zen combines the power of meditation and the power of massage to reduce stress in your workplace quickly and effectively. With the soothing voice of meditation guru, Joanna Andreae of Wandering Wellness, to guide employees through “surprise meditation sessions”

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Executive Coaching

ProYOGA’s Executive Coaching program helps executives and corporate leaders communicate better, reduce stress in the workplace, and provides expert advice on health, fitness, and wellbeing.

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Urban Warrior

New this year to ProYOGA, a different take on boot camp. Transform your office space into a workout playground. Designed especially for Mom’s and Dad’s who want to get back into shape, but don’t have the time, our trainers will come to you.

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ProYOGA on the Go

ProYOGA provides yoga and meditation where you need it, when you it! By incorporating stress relieving programs into your conference or special event, not only do you garner the appreciation of your guests and attendees, but you also increase their focus, productivity, and energy to stay on your message.

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Mind Body Concierge

If your employees want to take their yoga, meditation, fitness, or nutrition goals further, ProYOGA has arranged for special discounts with our partners. Click here to see a list of our partners and discounts for ProYOGA clients.

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Meet Our Clients

ProYOGA is proud to work with a variety of customers and clients to increase workplace wellbeing (and happiness). Meet a few of our clients and hear what they have to say.


“[A] great way to kick off your day on a productive note.”

Cushman & Wakefield

“ProYOGA has been a wonderful addition to our building’s amenities, and caters to all levels of experience. Participants leave feeling refreshed.”

Cushman & Wakefield

“ProYOGA is awesome. The classes flow nicely and the teachers always keep an eye out for those newbies who may need a little extra help.”



The first class with ProYOGA is always free, so get started today!

Contact Us

ProYOGA will schedule an initial meeting, walk through the various spaces available for a regular yoga class and discuss our other offerings to determine what best suits your company’s requirements. ProYOGA will then register and sign up employees, select a time and day that works best for employees, and provide marketing materials to promote your new corporate wellness program. After each 12-week session, ProYOGA will provide feedback regarding the effectiveness of the program, as well as detailed information on employee stress levels.

ProYOGA may also qualify as preventative healthcare with your insurance provider and/or can be deducted as a business expense.

ProYOGA is always looking for fun, dedicated instructors who will bring the love of wellbeing to the workplace. We pride ourselves on sending our clients the best instructors available.

To set up a ProYOGA consultation, free class, to teach for ProYOGA, or to inquire about bringing ProYOGA to your city, please fill out the contact form.

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