A Response to Stewart Lawrence, From a “Conservative” Yogi

Mr. Stewart Lawrence, somewhat disjointedly, argues in his “expose” on yoga (“Behind the Yoga Boom: Narcissism, Irreligion, or Just Fitness,” Daily Caller, February 2, 2016) that we, America, have been duped.

But Mr. Lawrence’s meandering arguments regarding the yoga-fication of America are merely a distraction to his real argument — that women, i.e., those of the weaker sex — have “fallen prey” to the all-mighty Yoga (it is unclear who is perpetuating this deception, unless they is comprised of those stay-at-home moms he cites or women who have been unable to “break the glass ceiling”) to chase some elusive self-image and peace of mind. Well, Mr. Lawrence is half right.

Huffington Post, February 3, 2016

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