Stressful day? Work some yoga into your workday

Are you experiencing that midafternoon slump? You could pay a visit to the office vending machine for a sugary pick-me-up, but a 30-second stretch at your desk will give you the same rush of energy.

Email overload got you down? A quick shoulder stretch can ease the tension.

“Any chance that you have to move, to take a break, to get your mind to just reset is huge throughout the day,” says Amy Mitchell, founder of ProYOGA.

WTOP, February 9, 2015

5 Stress-Busting Yoga Poses You can do at Your Desk

It’s hard to get away from work. It follows us everywhere. Forty-plus work weeks are the new normal. Most of us eat lunch at our desks, increasing the number of hours we put in day to day.

Working so much, it’s normal that most of us experience that mid-afternoon slump when our blood sugar drops and a nap would come in handy. Too many of us head to the vending machine or to Starbucks, when a little yoga would instead stave off those sugary cravings and boost energy levels.

Huffington Post, February 8, 2016