A Response to Stewart Lawrence, From a “Conservative” Yogi

Mr. Stewart Lawrence, somewhat disjointedly, argues in his “expose” on yoga (“Behind the Yoga Boom: Narcissism, Irreligion, or Just Fitness,” Daily Caller, February 2, 2016) that we, America, have been duped.

But Mr. Lawrence’s meandering arguments regarding the yoga-fication of America are merely a distraction to his real argument — that women, i.e., those of the weaker sex — have “fallen prey” to the all-mighty Yoga (it is unclear who is perpetuating this deception, unless they is comprised of those stay-at-home moms he cites or women who have been unable to “break the glass ceiling”) to chase some elusive self-image and peace of mind. Well, Mr. Lawrence is half right.

Huffington Post, February 3, 2016

15 Bad Ass Photos of Washington DC Area Yogis

Without question, yoga is one of the more photogenic and elegant athletic pursuits. To prove this point we selected 15 photos from our Instagram feed, all featuring Washington DC area yogis. The extra cool aspect of this set is that each photo uses the District and surrounding areas as a backdrop to some truly awesome physical feats.

Enjoy the photos and make sure to follow each of these talented folks on Instagram for more bad ass pics! Read more.


10 Yoga “Rules” for a More Enjoyable Practice

Life is full of rules. But in a yoga studio, do the regular rules apply, or is it a space of escape where we can just live and let live? Does the practice of yoga completely suspend judgment? Well, yes and no. Even though yoga is fundamentally non-judgmental, that doesn’t mean that teachers and practitioners should embrace an anything-goes attitude. It is in our empathy, our passion, and our need to learn that our practice develops; it is respect given and received, compassion given and received. It is the connection between our actions, our feelings, and our thoughts that makes yoga yoga. Without this connection, yoga would just be a series of movements which, honestly, would take all the fun out of our practice.

Spright, January 13, 2016

Featured Yogi: Amy Mitchell of ProYOGA

Amy K. Mitchell is the founder and president of ProYOGA, RYT-200.

With more than 15 years experience in the business world (she has lead strategic communications and branding campaigns for the federal government, non-profits, and businesses), she knows firsthand the effects of workplace stress on mind and body. In 2014, Amy started ProYOGA to make yoga accessible to more people.

Active Life DC, January 5, 2016

’Tis the Season: Inspired Gifts for Every Yogi in Your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the busiest time of the year. And the stress of the holidays can take a toll on even the most balanced and centered yogi. Luckily, we’ve put this mindful gift guide for all the yogis on your list – from apps to getaways – there is something for everyone. And the best part, you can do all your shopping right here, right now.

Huffington Post, December 23, 2015

Talking Wellness with Amy Mitchell


It can be a great tool to reach people, spread your message, and grow your business. But like anything that we are getting ready to put into the universe there are often sometimes when it just doesn’t go as planned.

I’m releasing two podcasts in 2016, and in a recent recording session for Cultivating Wellness I ended up with a podcast episode that is totally unusable without a lot of editing. But! The content still has value, so I’ve decided to share it with you here on the 42Yogis blog. Enjoy!

42Yogis, December 20, 2015

Why Strong is the New Skinny and Why That’s a Good Thing

There have been quite a few articles denouncing the recent “strong” women campaigns. According to these authors (here and here), strong is just code for skinny, and we’ve been duped into believing that strong might actually be a good thing. In the past decade, we’ve swung from one side of the pendulum (too skinny is in) to the other (anything goes). And any discussion to find a happy medium, such as strong, or even fit, is dismissed as playing into the hands of marketing execs and those mean “skinny girls.” Read more.

Huffington Post, November 4, 2015

Memo to 30-Somethings: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Turn 40

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe I didn’t get the memo. I thought I was ready to turn 40, but I definitely was not prepared for the onslaught of bad news that comes your way when you turn 40. I suspect many others are just living their lives as well, naively thinking 40 will be like every other birthday–a year older whether you admitted it or not. But 40 is different, 40 shatters the illusion of eternal youth. You have to face it–you aren’t 25 anymore. Because there’s the inconvenient truth, you don’t feel 25 anymore.

Huffington Post, September 8, 2015